The Advent

Book 1 of the Claviger Trials Novella Series


Centuries ago, dark storms swept across the land destroying all in its wake. The pockets of humanity that were spared were encased in immense dome-like weaves; the world around them, transformed. And at the end of it all, the Gods fell silent.

Life is hard for Kira, in the weave of the bloodthirsty Goddess. Her mother is determined to take up work for the Lords that involves tasting a volatile magic – magic that will drain away either her sense of taste or her life – in order to protect Kira and her sister Arial from indentured servitude.

If Kira is to save her in time, she must leave the weave. And find something mysterious that floods the Lords with magical powers through a unique blend of tastes.

What she brings back though, will reveal truths buried for ages and transform Kira into something wholly unexpected…