I was born in the dry deserts of Kuwait and I spent my childhood years there before rumours of a possible invasion started floating around. Suitably alarmed, my parents packed up and we returned to India where my my imperfect grasp of my native language was a source of amusement to many.

One of my favorite songs at that time went like this – “Where is my partner? I’ve begun my search”, but until someone was kind enough to set me right amidst gasps of laughter, I was actually singing “Where is my partner? I’ve started my diahrrea.”

While my Lakshmi Sandhanaheartwarming songs evolved, I finished getting a degree in Computer Science Engineering which I mostly chose because I loved played Kings Valley  on my old MSX computer trying to discover the secret to eternal life. During this time I arrived at the realization that I’d be delighted if I never encountered data structures or saw the innards of a computer ever again. I dived into writing next and finished a Mass Communication course after which I worked for a couple of years as a multimedia programmer.

In 2000 I quit the field entirely. After trying out different areas of writing, I stumbled across some artists in Australia who were working on  growing of all things – pigs wings. I just had to write about them. My first article for Wired News Online followed and I became a freelance science and technology  journalist. I figured a)  it would be a great way to meet fascinating people and b) I’d get to be a part of the marvelous changes they bring into the world, in some small way.

I’ve loved doing that – I still do, only now I’d like to take things to the next level and create worlds of my own. The Advent is my first book in the Claviger Novella series. I plan to delve deeper and bring more stories floating about my ‘dreamsphere’ to life. I’d be thrilled beyond words if you’d join me on that journey!